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$68.00 $46.00 (Including GST)
 No electricity needed 
 Can be used for pools, spas & more
 Max Flowrate 75L/min (4500 L/H)
 Feature: Pumps water, mud and other liquids


$1,679.00 $1,395.00 (Including GST)

 Motor output: 550w
 Suitable for 4-6 jets
 Max Flowrate 320 L/min (19200 L/H) 
Max head 15M 
 Feature Intergrated 1.6kW Heater

$1,794.00 $1,464.00 (Including GST)

 Motor output: 750w
 Suitable for 6-8 jets
 Max Flowrate 350 L/min (21000 L/H) 
Max head 17M 
 Feature Intergrated 2.4kW Heater

$748.00 $701.50 (Including GST)

 Motor:580w to 1150w (0.5-15hp)
 To suit pool size:35,000 to 80,000L
 Max Flowrate 225L/min to 390L/min
 Max head 13 to 15m
 Five Models Available


$899.00 $839.50 (Including GST)

 Motor:940w to 3100w (1-4hp)
 To suit pool size:60,000 to 160,000L
 Max head 14 to 24m
  Models Available


$750.00 $678.50 (Including GST)

  Motor sizes 610w to 1090w (0.75-1.50Hp)
 To suit pool size: 50,000 to 90,000L
 Max Flowrate:250L/min to 490 L/min
 Max head:11 to 13.5
 Four Models available

$1,199.00 $1,127.00 (Including GST)

 Motor Sizes: 840 to 1810watts
 To suit pool size:40,000 to 140,000
 Max Flowrate:300 to 600LPM
Max head:16 to 17m
 Three Models Available

$1,602.00 $1,495.00 (Including GST)

 Motor Sizes: 1880-2200w
 To suit pool size:90,000 to 140,000
 Max Flowrate:500 to 600LPM
Max head:23 to 24m
 Models available 

$1,399.00 $1,265.00 (Including GST)

 Motor Sizes: 910-1460w
 To suit pool size:50,000 to 80,000
 Max Flowrate:320 to 440LPM
 Max head:18 to 22m
 Three Models Available

$1,730.00 $1,610.00 (Including GST)

  Motor size: 860w to 1900w (1.0-1.50Hp)
 To suit pool size: 60,000 to 95,000L
 Max Flowrate:360L/min to 490 L/min
 Max head:13.5 to 14
 Models available 

$1,299.00 $1,127.00 (Including GST)

  Motor size: 1.2 K.W/1.5 HP
 To suit pool size: Any pool size
 Max Flowrate:90 LPM
 Max head:41m 

$1,942.00 $1,840.00
  Motor size: 3 Speed, 1 HP  
 To suit pool size: 50,000L
 Max Flowrate:370 LPM
Max head:14m


$2,070.00 (Including GST)

 Motor:980-2200W (1-3Hp)
 To suit pool size: 40,000 to 130,000
 Max Flowrate:250-540LPM
 Max head: 17m