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Davey Submersible Grinder Pumps

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Davey Submersible Grinder Pumps

Submersible pump consisting of a solids handling grinder inlet with a high head open impeller to pump waste water containing soft solids in suspension.


*2 pole, 2900rpm
*50Hz 240V single phase or 415V three phase.
*Submersible with IPx8 enclosure.
*Class E insulation
*Maximum 50 degrees
*10 meter cable 

Model Flow Rate Pumping Height Inlet/Outlet Wattage Voltage/Phase Other 
D75G 180 LPM 16meters head " 0.75 KW 220-Single No Float
D75GA 180 LPM 16meters head 1¼" 0.75 KW 220-Single Float
D120G 200 LPM 18meters head 1¼" 1.2 KW 220-Single No Float
D120GA 200 LPM 18 meters head  1¼" 1.2 KW 220-Single Float
D150G 225 LPM 22 meters head 1¼" 1.5 KW 220-Single No Float
D150GA 225 LPM 22 meters head 1¼" 1.5 KW 220-Single Float
DT08G 180 LPM 16 meters head 1¼" 0.75 KW 415-Three No Float
DT12G 200 LPM 18 meters head 1¼" 1.2 KW 415-Three No Float
DT15G 225 LPM 22 meters head 1¼" 1.5 KW 415-Three No Float
DT22G 325 LPM 24 meters head  2"  2.2 KW 415-Three No Float
DT37G 400 LPM 35 meters head  2"  3.7 KW 415-Three No Float


*Heavy duty shredding and grinding ring at inlet.
*Centrifugal design, open impeller.
*Double Mechanical shaft seal in oil bath.
*Hard faced Silicon Carbide/Ceramic seal on pump side.
*Sand slinger lip seal for added protection.
*Oring casing sealing.
*Corrosive resistant stainless steel and quality heavy duty powder coated cast iron pump parts
*10 metre HO7RN-F oil resistant power lead and seal sensor lead fitted with bared wire lead ends for easy connection to power supply terminations.
*Seal sensor leads fitted for easy connection to a protection relay to enable timely repairs prior to motor damage(Not fitted to D75G/GA or DT08G models)
*Protected against both high operating temperatures and high current by a built in automatically resetting thermal overload.
*Silent operation
*Quick and easy installation
*Hose tail supplied with every pump
*Low maintenance
*Mounting feet with rubber cushions for D75G/ GA, DT08G, D120G/A, D150G/A, DT12G & D


*Grey and black water pumping
*Sump emptying
* Septic effluent and sewage disposal
*Pumping of waste water with soft solids in suspension

Suitable for: 

*Pumping soft organic solids, sanitary products, thin rubber products and even some textiles in suspension, by shredding to a slurry
*Open impeller prevents blockage of the pump by small solids in the slurry
*High heads and small solids allow connection to small discharge pipe systems, especially suited to pumping waste water to pressure sewer main
*Sewage or “Grey Water” of neutral pH containing up to 20% soft organic solids (some wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension).

1 Year Warranty 

Brand :
Flow Rate (L/M) :
Maximum Head (M) :
Motor Size (kW) :

Brochure (DWP0088-1_Grinder_DSeries_Datasheet.pdf, 1,818 Kb) [Download]

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