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Sewage / Effluent

For all your Sewage / Effluent pump needs call us now on 0800 473 414  The pumps listed in this category are suitable for sewage, effluent and soiled biological wastewaters containing filaments and soft fibres in suspension. 

Sewage is: Waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers.

Effluent is: The liquid discharged from any source. Effluents can originate from municipalities, industries, farms, ships, parking lots and campgrounds.

$565.80 $299.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 250 Watt
 Max Flow rate: 200 Litres per minute or 12,000 Litres per hour
 Max delivery height: 8 metres
 Max Particle Size: 25mm
 Feature: Vortex Robust and Compact

$413.00 $295.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 750 Watt or 1 hp
 Max Flow rate: 270 Litres per minute or 16,200 Litres per hour
 Max Particle Size: 10mm
 Max delivery height: 13.5 metres
 Feature: Medium Head, Versatile

$745.20 $395.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 400W or ½hp
 Max Flow rate: 380 Litres per minute or 22,800 Litres per hour
 Max Particle Size: 50mm
 Max Delivery Height: 8 metres
 Feature: Vortex, Robust

$1,035.00 $599.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1100 Watt or 1.5 hp
 Max Flow rate: 620 Litres per minute or 18,000 Litres per hour
 Max Delivery Height: 15 metres

 Max Particle Size N/A
 Feature: Cutter Powerful Motor


$955.65 $520.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 750w or 1hp (three phase)
 Max Flow Rate: 430 Litres per minute  or 25,800 litres per hour
 Max Delivery Height: 11 metres

 Max Particle Size: 40mm
 Feature: Vortex, Large Particle Capacity (80mm Outlet)



$955.65 $554.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 750W or 1hp
 Max Flow rate: 575 Litres per minute or 34,500 Litres per hour
 Max Delivery Height: 10 metres

 Max Particle Size: 50mm
 Feature: Vortex, Robust, High Volume

$1,155.75 $656.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 750W or 1hp
 Max Flow rate: 410 Litres per minute or 24,600 Litres per hour
 Max Delivery Height: 13 metres
 Max Particle Size: N/A

 Feature: Cutter/Grinder 



$1,266.15 $720.00 (Including GST)
 Power: 1500w or 2hp (Available in single or three phase)
 Max Flow Rate: 760 Litres per minute  or 45,600 litres per hour
 Max Delivery Height: 16 metres
 Max Particle Size: 40mm
 Feature: Vortex, Large Particle Capacity (80mm Outlet)

$1,863.00 $1,056.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1500w or 2hp
 Max Flow Rate: 160 Litres per minute  or 9,600 litres per hour
Max Delivery Height: 30 metres

 Max Particle Size: N/A
 Feature: Cutter/Grinder High Head


$998.00 $868.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 370 to 1500 Watt
 Max Flow rate: 290 to 690 Litres per minute 
Max delivery height: 7.5 to 15.3 metres
 Max Particle Size: 35 to 50mm
 Feature: Vortex, High Build Quality
 Eight Models Available

$2,638.10 $2,294.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 750 to 1500 Watt
 Max Flow rate: 240 to 300 Litres per minute 
 Max delivery height: 17.5 to 27 metres
 Max Particle Size: N/A
 Feature: Grinder,  High Build Quality
 Six Models Available

$2,471.75 $2,149.35 (Including GST)

 Power: 0.75-7.5 KW
 Max Flow rate:380- 2150 LPM! 
 Max delivery height: 15-33 meters head
 Max Particle Size: N/A
 Feature: Cutter/Shredder