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Pentax DTR Series - Submersible Grinder Pumps

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Pentax DTR XXX

Pentax DTR Series - Submersible Grinder Pumps

The Pentax DTR Grinder Series submersible pumps are a centrifugal drainage pump that offer high head. The grinder pump is ideal for pumping sewage & waste water containing textile or filamentous fibres, for use in industrial & civil applications and whenever suspended solids have to be crushed. The DTR Grinder pumps are available in the mobile or permanent installation.


Model HP kW Flow Rate Phase Volts Max Head Outlet
DTR 200 2 1.5 300LPM Single 230 22m 50mm
DTRT 300 3 2.2 300LPM Three 400 26m 50mm

* Requires Starter Capacitor(50µF For 2HP Model)

* Outlet Size: 50mm 
* Maximum Immersion Depth: 20 meters
* Liquid Temperature: 0-40 degrees
* Cable Length: H07 RNF 10 meters


* Cast Iron Body & Impeller
* Treated Stainless Steel Grinder
* Stainless Steel Shaft
* Thermal Overload Protection
* Double Mechanical Seal With Oil Bath
* Two Pole Induction Motor In Oil Bath


* Pumping Sewage & Waste Water
* Heavy Civil & Industrial Applications
* When Crushing Of Suspended Solids Is Required



2 Year Warranty 

Brand :
Flow Rate (L/M) :
Maximum Head (M) :
Motor Size (kW) :
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