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DAB Divertron 1200 - Domestic Submersible Pressure Pump

RRP: $1,259.00
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DAB Divertron Submersible pressure pump with built in electronic pressure control.



*Power: 1100 watts
*Max Head: 48 Metres
*Max Flow rate: 95lpm.
*Impellers: 4

Designed to autmatically start and stop the pump when water is used.

The electronics protects the pump against dry running conditions:
• Priming cycle: When started, the pump will perform the following operation until it is primed: four priming trials of
30” (motor ON) with pauses of 3” (motor OFF). If there is no water, i.e. if the priming trials fail, the pump will stop
for an hour before trying to prime again. If this trial also fails, there will be a 5 hour pause. Afterwards, if the lack
of water persists, the pump will try to prime every 24 hours until it has picked up a prime.
• Normal Operation: If, during the pumps operation, the water supply is inferior to the minimum delivery for more
than 40”, the pump will go into alarm, and start a priming cycle. In this case the priming trials are made after 1, 5,
and 24 hours until the pump picks up a prime

Ideal for rainwater systems, sprinklers, and any clear water application requiring high pressure.


*Built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor
*Equipped with dry-run protection
*Built-in non return valve
*Easy to use
*High reliability
*Available with 3 or 4 impellers
*Supplied with 10 mt power cord
*Available with screen filter or stainless steel ring for use of suction kit

2 Year Warranty

Made in Italy

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