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TREVOLI - BAV-250A Cast Iron Vortex Submersible Dirty water / Sewage Pump 250w

RRP: $565.80
(Including GST) You save: $266.80 (47%)

TREVOLI BAV-250A - Cast Iron Submersible Dirty Water / Sewage Pump

Suitable for use as an Effluent Pump, Dirty Water Pump, Drainage Pump, Septic and Aerated sewage treatment Pump, Grey Water Pump and Irrigation Pump


* Power: 250 Watt (.33 HP)
Flow rate: 200 L/min
Max delivery height: 8 metres
Max immersion depth: 8 metres
Weight: 9 kg
Outlet size: 40mm
Optional strainer for clean water use (part number BAV STRAINER)


* Easy to use
* Non clogging Vortex impellor design 
* Rated for continuous use
* Can process long fibres and solids up to 25mm 
* Has a float switch for run-dry protection 
* Motor has built in auto-reset thermal overload protection 
* Double mechanical seals with oil chamber and lip seal for added protection 
* 10 Metre R05RNF neoprene chemical and oil resistant electrical cable with 3 pin plug 
* Solid Cast Iron pump body and impeller for durability 


* The maximum depth it is allowed in water is 8m from its centre of impeller
* Liquid to be pumped should have a PH: 6-8

Head                  LPM

1.5m 190
3m 160
4.5m 120
6m 70
7.5m 15

Common Applications: Effluent pump, Drainage pump, Dirty water pump.

24 Month (2 Year) Warranty


BAV Brochure


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