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Shallow Well - Pumps

Shallow well Jet pumps are capable of pumping from greater depths than standard centrifugal pumps.

Shallow well installations go down to a water depth of about 8-9 metres deep.

$413.00 $295.00 (Including GST)

 Power:1000W - 1.3 Horsepower
 Max Flow rate: 80 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure 78 PSI
 Max Head: 56 meters

$724.00 $688.00 (Including GST)

  Power: 440w .6 horsepower 
 Max Flowrate: 45 Litres per minute

 Max Pressure:60 psi
 Max Head: 42 meters

$742.00 (Including GST)

  Power: 600w .8hp
 Max Flow: 60 Litres per minute
 Max PSI: 67 psi
 Max Head: 47 meters

$833.00 $775.00 (Including GST)

 Power Output: 0.75w or 1hp
 Max Flowrate: 60 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:78 psi
 Max Head:54m

$845.00 $813.00 (Including GST)

 Power:1000w- 1.36 Horse power
 Max Flowrate: 80 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:78 psi
 Max Head:48m


$856.00 $813.00 (Including GST)

 Power:1000w- 1.36 Horsepower
 Max Flowrate: 80 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:78 psi
 Max Head:48m


$1,005.00 (Including GST)

 Power:1500w-2 Horse power
 Max Flow: 200 Litres per minute 
 Max Pressure 59 PSI
 Max Head: 41 meters


$1,023.00 $1,010.00 (Including GST)

 Power:1100w 1.5hp
 Max Flowrate: 90 Litres per min
 Max Pressure 86 PSI
 Max Head: 61 meters 

$1,081.00 $1,053.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 2.2kW 3HP
 Max Flow: 190 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure 73 PSI
 Max Head: 51 Meters 

$1,173.00 $1,150.00 (Including GST)

  Power:1800W- 2.5 Horsepower
 Max Flow: 135 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure: 88 psi
 Max Head: 62 meters

$2,266.00 (Including GST)

  Power 1.5kW 2HP (single or three phase)
 Max Flowrate: 162 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:100 psi
 Max Head: 70 meters

$3,386.00 (Including GST)

 Power 3.0kW 4HP (single or three phase)
 Max Flowrate: 245 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:135 psi
 Max Head: 95 meters


$4,935.00 (Including GST)

  Power: 2.1-9.2 kw
 Max Flowrate: 600-800 lpm
 Max Pressure:230-450 kpa 
 Max Head:23-45M