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Rain Harvesting (Mains Water Saving)


RainBank can save up to 40% of a households mains water use, helping to conserve this precious resource and lower water bills. It is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting supplying water for toilet and laundry applications. 

The system automatically selects the water source with rainwater given the priority over mains supply. Mains water is supplied when the tank is empty or in the event of a power outage. 

RainBank is available with a wide range of dependable Davey pressure systems to meet the needs of your home plumbing including floatless options for flooded suction applications. Systems to suit submersible pumps are also available as well as RainBank Pro for commercial applications.


The MK6 is the newest innovation from Bianco Rainsaver that switches between tank water and the mains supply. Not only does it conserve water, it’s easy to install and requires absolutely no power supply. Not to mention, each control carries a peace-of-mind 2 Year Rainsaver MK6 Warranty and WaterMark approved components. The Bianco Rainsaver MK6 is Australian owned and designed so you know it’s ideal for Australian home owners.


$955.00 $872.00

  Power: 450-750w 
 Max Flow: 50-70 Litres per minute
 Max PSI: 54-65 psi
 Max Head: 38-46 meters

$1,265.00 $1,063.00

  Power: 600w .8hp
 Max Flow: 70 Litres per minute
 Max PSI: 68 psi
 Max Head: 47 meters

$995.00 $945.00 (Including GST)
  Does not use power 
 Max Flow: 75 Litres per minute
 Max Mains KPA: 200


$1,633.50 $1,576.00
 Power:  550w-600w
 Max Flow rate:55 litres per minute 
 Max Pressure: 350-480 KPA
 Max Head: 35-48 meters

$1,827.10 $1,578.00 (Including GST)
 Power: 1100w
 Max Flow rate:95 litres per minute 
 Max Pressure: 480 KPA
 Max Head: 48 meters

$1,897.50 $1,510.00
 Power:  200w-840w
 Max Flow rate:52-130 litres per minute 
 Max Pressure: 220-440 KPA
 Max Head: 22.5-45 meters

$2,055.90 $1,782.00
 Power:  550w-600w
 Max Flow rate:55 litres per minute 
 Max Pressure: 350-480 KPA
 Max Head: 35-48 meters