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TREVOLI - CM8-40V - Stainless Steel Multistage Water Pump for Large Home / Farm with Variable Speed Controller

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TREVOLI CM8-40V - Stainless Steel Multistage Water Pump for  Large Home/Farm with Variable Speed Controller 

This pump is ideal for domestic or farm water supply, providing mains pressure for a large single or multi-level homes and farms. Able to support up to 15 taps running at one time. Fitted with a variable speed constant pressure controller and 18L pressure tank.


* Power -2200W - 3 Horsepower 
* Single phase with standard NZ 3 pin plug 
* Max Flow rate: 166 litres per minute 
* Max Pressure: 105 psi 
* Max discharge head: 74 metres
* Max suction 1.5m 

* Inlet size: 1½ inch BSP (40mm)
* Outlet size: 1½ inch BSP (40mm) 
* Built in thermal overload protection 
* Insulation class F 
* Rated for Continuous duty 
* Liquid temperature range: -20 - 70 deg C 
* Max operating pressure: 10 bar 
* Length: 450mm 
* Height (including pressure tank): 760mm 

Common Applications: 

* Domestic water supply for large / very large homes 
* Farm irrigation
* General water transfer systems 
* Industrial/commercial applications 


* Fitted with a variable speed constant pressure controller (IP54 rated)
* Delivery pressure can be easily adjusted at any time
* Controller provides soft starts to avoid water hammer and related problems
* Pump motor operates at varying speed based on actual demand saving up to 50% electricity usage
* Run Dry Protection
* Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
* Stainless steel pump housing
* Stainless steel motor shaft
* Stainless steel impellor and intermediate chambers
* Build in thermal overload protection
* Quiet operation

2 Year back to base warranty

CM8-40V Brochure

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Multistage Pump
Runs like a dream, great value for money!
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