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Pump Cover

RRP: $285.00
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Pump Cover 

All pumps need to be protected from the elements. The Pump Cover made by Baileys is designed to take on the appearance of a modern appliance rather than a dog kennel or after thought.


Length 600 mm
Width 340 mm
Height 601 mm


* The pump cover is more compact than other brands and due to its stylish contoured design adds structural strength with no sharp edges. With 360 degrees protection from sun, rain and snow the Pump Cover can be installed in any direction making it by far the most functional and easy to install pump cover on the New Zealand market.

* Incorporates easy to remove “cut outs” which can provide varying degrees of ventilation for your pump due to its unique design it can be tailor made to suit the conditions in which the pump is installed by removing the “cut outs” to increase ventilation if needed.

* Many pumps are installed without a suitable base which means that the pump can become over grown and effected by surface flooding and dampness. The pump cover includes a unique reinforce based that elevates or lifts the pump above the damp area and provides with a safe and secure base with drain holes for water the drain should it enter the cover.

* Finally for security and safety the Patented Design of the Baileys Pump Cover can be screwed shut to stop animals and children from coming into contact with moving parts and electrical connections. Small screw locating holes are situated at each “cut out” to secure and strengthen the top of your Pump Cover.

* The ingenious design means that the “cut outs” can be removed with a sharp builder’s knife once the pump has been fitted to the base and the pipe work connected.

Made to suit pumps fitted with electronic controllers.

* Wont fit with pressure tanks bigger than 3 litres

Great value, does the job!
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