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Bianco Small Pressure Pump for Gardening / Irrigation - .37 kW

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Bianco Small Pressure Pump for Gardening / Irrigation - .37 kW 

The Bianco 2.0 end suction peripheral turbine pump is an ideal device for low flow applications. They are especially suited for jacking pumps, commercial and industrial washdowns as well as domestic water boosting. They are also ideal for tank water transfer. Suitable for clean water and in applications where there is flooded suction.

Reccomendation:  A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.
A free three-way tee is provided with any pump and pressure tank combination.


The pump has the following features and benefits

* Automatic electronic pump control fitted and wired with plug and play leads so a licensed electrician is not required during installation.
* Includes fully electronic pump controller for automatic pump starting, stopping and restart after power loss and water loss.
* Run dry protection to prevent pump damage
* Automatic electronic control has in-built check valve to prevent water backflow through the pump.
* Corrosion resistant pump body and impeller to ensure pump durability
* Cataphoresis1 treatment of pump body for rust prevention to ensure no water discoloration or suspended particles
* High quality mechanical shaft seal and high quality bearings
* 240V single phase TEFC motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload to prevent the pump from overheating. 1. Cataphoresis is an electrochemical coating process for      metallic surfaces widely used in the industry due to its penetration and long life, either as a priming coat or finished paint for corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic Data:

* Max Head: 60m
* Max Flow: 50 l/min
* Number taps: 4

Electrical data:

* Rated voltage: 220 (-6%) -240V (+6%)
* Mains frequency: 50 Hz
* P2 (kW): 0.6 (Shaft Power)
* Current: 4.5 amps
* Capacitor: 16 uF
* Motor duty: Continuous
* Motor type: Asynchronous, TEFC
* Motor protection: In-built thermal overload Ingress
* Protection: IP X4
* Insulation class: F Net
* Weight: 12 kg


* Liquid Type: Clean Water Clean
* water temperature range: 2 – 40o C


* Pump body, Cast Iron (Cataphoresis treated) 
* Impeller : Brass (Zinc Free)
* Mechanical seal: Carbon/Ceramic/Nitrile
* O rings: Nitrile
* Power Cable: 2m Cable H05 3G1.0 


* Maximum ambient temperature: 40oC
* Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar
* Pipe connections suction/discharge: 1” BSPF / 1” BSPM
* Dimensions: 315mm L x 365mm H x 200mm W

Brand :
Flow Rate (L/M) :
Maximum Head (M) :
Maximum Suction lift (M) :
Motor Size (kW) :

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