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Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation pumps are for use in pressurisation units for water supply systems and for pressuirised tanks.

Pumping non agressive,non viscous,neutral clean liquid close to the characteristics of water

Highly suited for Civil, industrial and Agricultural installations eg: Sprinklers, Irrigation and water supply

$859.00 $689.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1000-2000W - 1.5-3.0 Horsepower
 Max Flow rate: 60 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure: 69 PSI
 Max Head: 49m Head
 Manufactured in Italy

$1,539.00 $1,270.00 (Including GST)

 Power -4000W - 5.6 Horsepower
 Max Flow rate:  467 litres per minute
 Max Pressure: 74 psi
 Max Head: 52 metres

$4,370.00 $2,800.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 5500W - 7.37 Horsepower 
 Max Flow rate: 500 litres per minute

 Max Pressure: 101 psi 
Max Head: 71 metres


$515.00 $429.00 (Including GST)

 Power:  .55kW to 2.2kW
 Max Flow rate: 100 to 330lpm
 Max Pressure: 24 to 41psi
 Max delivery height: 17 to 30m

$3,967.50 $2,750.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 4000W - 5.36 Horsepower
 Max Flow rate: 135 litres per minute 
 Max Pressure: 277 psi
 Max Head: 195 metres


$1,649.00 $1,099.00 (Including GST)

 Power 5.5kW to 7.5kW 7.5hp to 10hp
 Max Flowrate 866 lpm
 Max Pressure 73 psi
ax Head 52m
 Two Models Available

$1,649.00 $1,499.00 (Including GST)

 Power 4.0kW to 7.5kW 5.5hp to 10hp
 Max Flowrate 550 lpm
 Max Pressure 82 psi
ax Head 58m
 Two Models Available
 Manufactured in Italy

$920.00 $799.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1100-4000w-1.5-5.5 HP
 Max Flowrate: 120-225 lpm
 Max Pressure 75-116 psi
ax Head: 53-80m
 Three Models Available 
 Manufactured in Italy

$454.00 $431.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 370w to 11kW (.5 hp tp 15hp)
 Max Flow rate: 100lpm to 1300lpm
 Max Pressure 26psi to 88psi
 Max Head: 18m to 62m
 Fifteen models available 

$713.00 $677.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 0.75kw to 7.35kW, 1hp to 10hp
 Max Flow rate: 92lpm to 400lpm
 Max Pressure 62 to 124 psi
Max delivery height: 22 metres to 95 metres
 Nine models available

$454.00 $430.00 (Including GST)

 Power:  .55kW to 2.2kW
 Max Flow rate: 100 to 330lpm
 Max Pressure: 24 to 41psi
 Max delivery height: 17 to 30m

$539.00 $465.00 (Including GST)

 Power:  .25kW to 1.85kW
 Max Flow rate: 80 to 220lpm
 Temperature Range:-15 to +110 Degrees 
 Max delivery height: 11m-38m
 25 Models available

$599.00 $503.00 (Including GST)

 Power:  .37kW to 3kW
 Max Flow rate: 100 to 1050lpm
 Temperature Range:-15 to +110 Degrees 
 Max delivery height: 8m-17m

$699.00 $586.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 450-800 Watts 
 Max Flowrate: 225 Lpm
 Max Pressure: 24-47 PSI
 Max Head: 16-34 meters

$535.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 600 Watt or 0.8hp to 7.5kW 10hp
 Max Flow rate: 90lpm to 900lpm
 Max Pressure: 39 psi to 82 psi
 Max delivery height: 27 metres to 56 metres
 Seven Models Available (single and three phase)

$902.00 $857.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1500 Watt 1 hp
 Max Flow rate: 160
 Max Pressure: 82 psi
 Max delivery height: 57m


$1,899.00 $1,730.00 (Including GST)

 Power 3.0 to 11.0kW - 4 to 15 HP
 For applications up to 850 litres per minute
 Max Pressure 42 to 114 PSI
Max delivery height: 30 to 70m

$2,199.00 $1,805.00 (Including GST)

 Power 3.0 to 7.5kW - 4.0 to 10.0 HP
 For applications up to 500 litres per minute
 Max Pressure 42 to 85 PSI
Max delivery height: 30 to 60m


$1,753.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 3 to 11kW - 4 to 15 HP
 For applications up to 1200 litres per minute
 Max Pressure 24 to 85 PSI
Max delivery height: 23 to 52m

$2,266.00 (Including GST)

  Power 1.5kW 2HP (single or three phase)
 Max Flowrate: 162 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure:100 psi
 Max Head: 70 meters