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Bore Pumps

Multistage Pressure Pumps for 2, 3 and 4" bores. They can be employed in a wide range of lifting, distributing and pressurising applications such as civil and indusrtrial water installations.

$944.90 $689.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 1000-2000W - 1.5-3.0 Horsepower
 Max Flow rate: 60 Litres per minute
 Max Pressure: 69 PSI
 Max Head: 49m Head
 Manufactured in Italy

$1,428.90 $899.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 0.37kW
 Nominal flow rate: 0.48m³ (8 l/m)
 Max Pressure 60psi
 Max Head: up to 45m
 Outlet 20mm or 
¾ inch
 Feature: Fits in a 2 inch bore



$1,628.90 $1,199.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 0.5 to 1.5 HP
 Nominal flow rate: 1.8m³ (30 L/m)
 Max Pressure 225psi
 Max Head: up to 155m
 Outlet 25mm or 1 inch

$1,648.90 $999.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 300w to 1100w
 Max Flow Rate: 40 LPM
 Max Pressure up to 213psi
 Max Head: up to 150m
 Outlet 25mm or 1 inch

$1,638.90 $1,199.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 0.75 to 3.0 HP
 Maximum flow rate: 22m³ (366 L/m)
 Max Pressure 146 psi
 Max Head: up to 101m
 Outlet 32mm or 1
¼ inch

  Five Models Available

$1,538.90 $1,099.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 0500w to 2200w
 Maximum flow rate up to : 90 LPM
 Max Pressure up to: 242 PSI
 Max Head: 170 m 
 Outlet: 40mm, 1 1/2" 


$1,299.00 $1,167.25 (Including GST)

 Power:1.1kW or 1.5HP
 Operating range: from 0.15 to 3.5 m3/h
Maximum working pressure: 6 bar (600 kPa)  
 Max Head: 61 metres
 Max Suction 27m

$1,399.00 $1,345.00 (Including GST)

 Power:2.2kW or 1.85HP
 Operating range: from 0.15 to 4.3m3/h
Maximum working pressure: 8 bar (800 kPa)  
 Max Head: 70 metres
 Max Suction 27m

$1,815.00 $1,489.00 (Including GST)

 Power: .25Kw to 1.5kW or 0.33HP to 2.0HP
 Maximum flow rate: 25lpm or 1.5m3/hour
 Max Pressure 73 to 452 PSI
 Max Head: 51 to 318metres
 Outlet 32mm or 1¼ inch
 Six Models Available (Single or three phase)

$1,757.80 $1,679.00 (Including GST)
 Power: 0.37 to 2.2kW or .5HP 3HP
 Maximum flow rate: 40lpm or 2.14m3/hour
 Max Pressure 44 to 424 PSI
 Max Head: 31m to 298m
 Outlet 32mm or 1¼ inch
 Eight Models Available (Single or three phase)

$1,783.10 $1,703.00 (Including GST)

 Power: .37 to 3kW or.5 to 4hp
 Maximum flow rate: 70lpm or 2.42m3/hour
 Max Pressure 47 to 306 psi
 Max Head: 33m to 215m
 Outlet 32mm or 1¼ inch
 Nine Models Available

$1,739.10 $1,660.00 (Including GST)

 Power: .37 to 4kW or.5 to 5.5hp
 Maximum flow rate: 100lpm or 6m3/hour
 Max Pressure 43 to 213 psi
 Max Head: 24m to 150m
 Outlet 32mm or 1¼ inch
 Eleven Models Available

$1,992.10 $1,902.00 (Including GST)
 Power: .75 to 5.5kW or1 to 7.5hp
 Maximum flow rate: 100lpm or 11.4m3/hour
 Max Pressure 58 to 164 psi
 Max Head: 40 to 114m
 Outlet 50mm or 2 inch
 Ten Models Available

$3,023.35 $2,999.00 (Including GST)
 Power: .75 to 5.5kW or1 to 7.5hp
 Maximum flow rate: 450 lpm or 27m3/hour
 Max Pressure 58 to 164 psi
 Max Head: 40 to 104m
 Outlet 50mm or 2 inch
 Five Models Available

$988.90 $807.30 (Including GST)

 Power:1-2 HP, 0.74kW-1.5kW
 Operating range: from 0.18 to 6 m3/h
Maximum working pressure: 69 PSI 
 Max Head: 49 metres
 Max Suction 50m