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TREVOLI - S200B-ECO - Swimming Pool Pump - 1100 watt - 1.5 HP with Variable Speed Controller


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TREVOLI - S200B - Swimming Pool Pump - 1100 watt - 1.5 HP
with BEDFORD Variable Speed Drive Controller

The Trevoli “Silent-flow” Series Swimming Pool pump range are robust and powerful single speed pool pumps with several motor sizes, designed to suit a large range of pool sizes and applications. Robust, energy efficient and very quiet – the hallmarks of the Trevoli swimming pool pump range. The Trevoli “Silent-flow” Series range of swimming pool pumps are the perfect pool pump for all pool applications. With single speed models starting at .35hp and moving through the range up to 3hp, there is one to suit a normal residential pool or a semi-commercial or smaller public pool.

Model: S200B-ECO 4 Speeds including timer for off peak operation. VSD controller information below. 


* Motor 1100W (1.5 hp)
* 7 Amps
* Max Flowrate 465l/min (27900 L/H)
* Max head 17M
* Barrell Unions supplied to suit 50mm ID (63mm OD) PVC Piping
* Weight 16 KG
* Liquid operating range: 5 to 50 deg C


* Large Leaf Basket 
* Corrosion protected shell to prevent water directly contacting with motor
* Pump body and impellor in high fibre reinforced engineering plastic, motor shaft stainless steel, aluminium motor housing.
* Easy to remove and install filter cover
* Vibration resistant base for quiet operation
* IPX5 protection.
* Insulation class F
* CE Authentication
* Thermal overload protection
* Mechanical seal is ceramic stealite/ metalized carbon.
* Rated for continuous use
* Comes with large strainer basket and clear cover.
* Suitable for salt water pools
* Very quiet operation


* Suitable for pools 70,000 - 90,000 Litres
* Chlorinated pools
* Salt water pools


BEDFORD  Swimming Pool Variable Speed Drive Controller

The Bedford B607B-2002 is an intelligent controller which is specifically designed for swimming pool pumps, with the function of auto/manual mode and multi-speed for multi-time sections. What’s more, with high quality, multi-functional and low noise etc. characteristics, the Bedford controller is suitable for full automatic water supply of a swimming pool. Simple operation and professional design based on the swimming pool users needs. Designed to run automatically without manual operation after parameters are set correctly. Easy for the user to change speeds in the manual mode.

The Bedford B607B-2002 is a variable speed drive to enhance the performance of single phase 240V swimming pool pumps up to 1.5 kW, 7A. The Bedford B607B-2002 provides the ability to conserve energy through only operating the pump according to the speed required to maintain filtration. Speed can be increased for pool vacuuming when required. The Bedford B607B-2002 is equipped with an easy to use LCD display and is completely designed and built for controlling swimming pool pumps. 


IP55. Mounting bracket and plug and play leads included.

LED/LCD Parameter display and malfunction display

  • Display the current preset speed/DC bus voltage/ system time when stopping;
  • Display the current actual speed/preset speed/ output power/DC bus voltage/output current/ system time

Programmable Variable Speed: 8 Settings

  • VFD with 8 setting programmable time section, running according to system real-time with clock;
  • Time section has independent start-end period;
  • Time section has independent speed setting

Manual Speed Range: 4 Settings 

  • Optional 4 manual settings
  • Speed is set by parameter
  • Button for auto/manual shift, under manual mode, change speed by the same button.
  • VFD  Single Phase 240V IN/240V OUT, 1.5KW, 7A

Power-on Restart:

  • If there is a power failure, restart when power on Protection
  • Over Current /Over Voltage /Under Voltage/Overheat/Overload etc. 25 protections in total.


  • 2 Year Bedford Series Drive Warranty


PDF Icon Click here to display the Trevoli Swimming Pool Pump Data Sheet


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Self Priming :
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