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As water supply is an essential service we will continue to operate during this Covid-19 crisis.
Couriers will also remain operational so we can continue to deliver your orders.
Urgent contactless pickups of pre-paid orders can be arranged from our Albany warehouse but courier delivery is preferred.

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Pool and Spa Pipe Fittings

PVC and rubber pool and spa pool fittings
$29.50 $23.00 (Including GST)
* High Quality UPVC
* EPDM Seals
* Pressure Rated to 150PSI
* Temperature 0-55°C 
* Fully serviceable 

$3.50 $3.20 (Including GST)
Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 

$5.01 $3.91 (Including GST)
PVC Coupling/ Joiners Available in 40mm and 50mm       

$4.99 $4.60 (Including GST)
Fittings: PVC Elbows Available in 40mm and 50mm to match barrel unions Available in either 45 or 90 degree angles