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Pool and Spa Pipe Fittings

PVC and rubber pool and spa pool fittings
$29.50 $23.00 (Including GST)
* High Quality UPVC
* EPDM Seals
* Pressure Rated to 150PSI
* Temperature 0-55°C 
* Fully serviceable 

$3.01 $2.65 (Including GST)
Stainless Steel Hose Clamp 

$5.01 $3.22 (Including GST)
PVC Coupling/ Joiners Available in 40mm and 50mm       

$4.50 $3.91 (Including GST)
Fittings: PVC Elbows Available in 40mm and 50mm to match barrel unions Available in either 45 or 90 degree angles      

$12.60 $9.55 (Including GST)
Rubber Couplings:    Available: Connecter-40mm-40mm Connecter-50mm-50mm Reducing Connector-50mm-40mm  

$15.58 $14.15 (Including GST)
Rubber Couplings: Elbows    90 Degrees: 40mm and 50mm 

$19.54 $16.56 (Including GST)
PVC Reducing Bush   PVC Reducing Bush 50 X 40mm, for pool and spa pumps     

$72.95 $60.38 (Including GST)
Flow Check Valve: 180 Degrees- Nominal Size: 40/50mm

$79.33 $71.53 (Including GST)
Compact Ball Valves  Available in 40mm and 50mm