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Fountain Pumps

The Pondmate Fountain pumps feature a powerful and energy efficient rotor. This durable fountain pump offers longer operating
life and is suitable for both fresh and marine water. They can be used in aquarium, water garden fountain and waterfall applications.
2 Year PondMate Warranty
$608.00 $552.00 (Including GST)

 Power: 200-750W
 Max Flow Rate: 110-250 Litres per minute
 Max Delivery Height: 5.5-9metres
 Max Particle Size:1.9mm
 Feature: Ponds & Water Features 

$212.00 $199.95 (Including GST)

 Power: 17 Watts (Available in standard and low voltage)
 Max Flowrate: 18 lpm or 1000 lph
 Max Pumping Height: 1.6 meters 

$208.00 $189.95 (Including GST)

 Power: 44 Watts (Available in standard and low voltage)
 Max Flowrate: 42 lpm or 2500 lph
 Max Pumping Height: 2.35 meters 

$286.00 $259.95 (Including GST)

 Power: 100 Watts 
 Max Flowrate: 66 lpm or 4000 lph
 Max Pumping Height: 2.7 meters 


$439.95 $399.95 (Including GST)

 Power: 150 Watts 
 Max Flowrate: 100 lpm or 6000 lph
 Max Pumping Height: 4.2 meters