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TREVOLI - Ultraviolet (UV) Domestic Water Sterilizer - 55 watt

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TREVOLI - Ultraviolet (UV) Domestic Water Sterilizer - 55 watt


TREVOLI Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer - For Medium sized homes

This U.V system destroys 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms, including E-coli, Cryptosporidium, campylobacter and Giardia.

Cost effective, enviroment friendly disinfection of water without chemicals.

For Best results install cartridge filtration before the UV system.

Recomended Filtration:
* 1 x 10" Jumbo Big Blue Housing Kit
* 1 x 10" Big Dual Filter 25-1micron


This is the most cost effective and efficient method for the treatment of Biological contaminated water containing "faecal coliforms" caused by Birds, Opossums on exposed gutters and Live stock faecal run off into streams or shallow Bores.


* Nominal recommended flow: 45 LPM (30 mJ/cm2)
* Maximum recommended flow: 84 LPM (16 mJ/cm2)
* Council recommended level - max flow: 33 LPM (40 mJ/cm2)
* 1 x 55watt replaceable lamp
* Dimension: 910mm long - 2.5" Dia
* Port size ¾" or 20mm
* Temperature range-2-40 degrees 

    Giardia /Cryptosporidium                            Why do we need Water Filters?



UV User Manual

How to set up your UV can


Brand :

UV SYSTEM USER MANUAL (TREVOLI_UV_manual.pdf, 2,313 Kb) [Download]

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