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TREVOLI - Whole House Water Filter Chlorine Removal

RRP: $182.00
(Including GST) You save: $52.00 (29%)

TREVOLI - Whole House Water Filter Chlorine Reduction

TREVOLI  Whole House Water Filter System for removal of Chlorine, comes in two sizes 10" and 20"

*Optional stainless steel bracket

* 1 x 10" or 20" Jumbo Big Blue water filter Housing Kit
* 1 x 10" or 20" GAC  or KDF/GAC filter or BCTO-PLUS

(See drop-down menu)

Filter Explanations  

* GAC - high flow good at removing chlorine less than 95%
* GAC/KDF - also high flow, the combination of GAC and KDF is more effective than GAC 95%
* Matrix Chlora Guard (10")-20CTO PLUS (20")- Market leading filter more than 95%


* For reduction of Chlorine, from town supply 


* Quality brass lined 1 inch inlet and outlet
* Max pressure 125psi (housing)
Max working pressure: 40PSI (differential on filter)


  Carbon & GAC   Why do we need Water Filters? Chlorine & Chemical Removal Why do we need Water Filters? 



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Awesome work, great service and price. Have told all my friends down in Chch about you guys and this unit and they are all keen to do the same.

Cheers Mark V
A God-send here in Christchurch
Very effective, recommended!
Does the job well, no more rashes or itchiness
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