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TREVOLI - UV-Whole House Wallmounted for Rainwater Tank/Bore/Well

RRP: $2,247.00
(Including GST) You save: $1,052.00 (47%)

UV-Whole House Assembled System For Rainwater Tank/Bore/Well

Wall mounted or free standing

This U.V and filtration system is an all in one sytstem, assembled and suitable for medium to large homes  

This U.V system destroys 99.99% of Harmful micro-organisms, including E-coli, Cryptosporidium, campylobacter and Giardia.

Cost effective, enviromentally friendly disinfection of water without chemicals.

For best results install cartridge filtration after the water pump

Quality Stainless Steel housing

This UV option includes:

* Fully assembled with UV lamp & sleeve
* 2 x 20" Jumbo Big Blue water filter Housing Kits (BB20)
* 1 x 20" Jumbo Pleated- 20 micron 
* 1 x 20" Jumbo PP 1 Micron
* 1 x Automatic control ballast with countdown timer
* 1 x Pressure gauge


This is the most cost effective and efficient method For the treatment of Biological contaminated water containing "faecal coliforms" caused by Birds, possums on exposed gutters and Live stock faecal run off into streams or shallow Bores.


* Council recommended level : 75 LPM (40 mJ/cm2)
* Nominal recommended flow: 94 LPM (30 mJ/cm2)
* Maximum recommended flow: 132 LPM (16 mJ/cm2)

* 1 x 48 watt high intensity lamp
* Inlet 1" (25mm)
* Outlet 1" (25mm)
* Height 750mm, width 620mm, depth 230mm
* Temperature range-2-40 degrees 

 3 Year Warranty 





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