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Pentek Under Sink Kit with Filter

RRP: $199.00
You save: $39.00 (20%)

Pentek Under Sink Kit with Filter

The more traditional under-bench unit has the advantage of being able to take the enormous range of internationally sized filter cartridges available today. Whether you are after a standard “taste and odour” filter (with cyst protection) or a specialty filter; this unit can accommodate the lot.


This undersink filter unit comes standard with these features and options:

* Pentek 10" x 2.5" Filter Housing
* Filter Housing fittings available in 3 different Port sizes (with bracket) 1/4" 1/2" 3/4" 
* Tap 
* Take off Valve (please see below)
* Bracket & Spanner
* Filter option  
* Pressure Reducing Valve is not included but is reccomended where water hammer is likely 

Filters Include:

*Pentek CBC10 carbon filter that reduces fine sediment, chlorine taste and odour & protozoan cysts in residential and commericial drinking water. It has a nominal (85%) filteration rating of 0.5 micron
*AAL filter for removal of fluriode and arsenic
*De-Ionizing filter for removal of mineral ions from the water such as calcium, iron and copper, softens water.
*TS-GAC-stops forming scale deposits on pipe linings and heating elements and Activated carbon removes organics, pesticides, tastes and odours.
*NRC-removal of nitrates from water for potable processes.


Normal operating maximum pressure : 900Kpa (125 psi) 
* Normal maximum temperature : 50°C 
* Max Flow rate : 28 lpm 

Take-off valve options:

* SV3 saddle valve 3 paralell (used with metal piping)
* SV6 sadle valve 6 G clamp (used for poly butylene)
* SV5 plumber delight take off valve (½" BSP)
* DWTO dish washer tap take off tee 20mm m with ¼" BSP
* Please see images for pictures of take off valves.

  User Manual

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