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Quick Change Bayonet Filters

Replacement Cartridge Filters 

Brilliant & easy to install, compact & efficient filter system for under bench at home, bach, caravan, motor home or boat.

Bayonet fittings make these the easiest filters to change.  No shut off of water required, and no special tools 


Height: 260mm, Width: 65mm, Length: 65mm


$103.00 $80.00
Replacement Filter Kit - Trevoli Four Stage Underbench Filtration System Replacement filter kit for the Trevoli four stage underbench filtration system....

$17.75 $15.00 (Including GST)
5 Micron
For removal of Sediment

$36.00 $33.00 (Including GST)

5 Micron
For removal of S
uspended Solids, Turbidty, Bacteria and other Harmful substances


$46.00 $35.00
5 Micron
For removal of Residual Chlorine, Odor and Adjusting Taste.