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TREVOLI - HRV Replacement Set

RRP: $110.00
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10PP01 & 10CTO05

TREVOLI-HRV Replacement Set - 10" (4.5" x 10")


This set includes 2 water filtration cartridges compatible with HRV water filtration systems. 
The pack includes a Polyspun filter which removes most sediment and large bacteria, improving the colour and clarity of your water. 
The second filter is Carbon Block for removing chlorine and fine sediment to create a pure, clean and great tasting water.



* 1 x 10 x 4-1/2 inch Carbon Block filter
* 1 x 10 x 4-1/2 inch Polyspun 1 micron filter
Temperature range: 40 - 140°F (4.5 - 60°C)

Filter Specifcations: 

Carbon filter- 5 micron rating,
Taste, Odour, Chlorine,Pesticides, Organics, THM's & HAA5's

Polyspun filter- 1 micron rating, 
Sediment, Silt, Fines, Some colour, Some organics, 1 micron helps with Giardia 


Brand :
Thank you very much for the filter that arrived this morning. That's brilliant service.
And yes, it is in perfect condition.
We're grateful.
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