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Bench Top Water Water Filters

$125.00 $89.00 (Including GST)
 Removes Sediment 
 Available 5 Micron 
  Filter Dimensions- Bayonet style filter 

$167.00 $119.00 (Including GST)
KWF-2: Filter Bench Top System  Quick Change Bayonet Water Filter: 2 Stage system This filter provides a space saving, extremely portable...

$130.00 $123.00
BT Deluxe Bench Top Filter Slim   These filters provide a space saving, extremely portable alternative to the standard style of bench top filters....

$130.00 $123.00
Standard Amtek Bench top Flilter The more traditional style of bench top filter allows for a myriad of internationally sized filters to go inside the...

$399.00 $327.00
Davey Microlene Benchtop Purified Drinking Water System  *Reduce unwanted contaminants that affect the taste and odour of your drinking water with a...