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Chlorine / Chemical Removal

Chlorine/Chemical Removal

Chlorine in Town Supply 

Chlorine is the most common contaminant in a town water supply. Carbon Block, GAC and KDF/GAC filters are the most common filters used to remove chlorine. There are some very serious side effects from chlorinated water and we suggest you discover for yourself what’s in your drinking water supply.

Chlorine removal

We offer chlorine removal and reduction filters for under-bench, above bench, shower and whole house Options.

Cancer risks

The National Cancer Institute estimates cancer risks for people who consume chlorinated water to be up to 93% higher than for people who do not. The effects of consuming chlorinated water have been debated for decades. However, most experts now agree that there are some significant risks related to consuming chlorine and chlorinated by-products in drinking water.

"One common factor among women with breast cancer is that they all have 50-60% higher levels of these chlorination by-products (THMs) in their fat tissue than women without breast cancer..." BreastCancerFund.org

"Up to 2/3 of the harmful effects of chlorine are due to inhalation and skin absorption while showering." The American Journal of Public Health


Chlorine, added as an inexpensive and effective drinking water disinfectant, is also a known poison to the body. It is certainly no coincidence that chlorine gas was used with deadly effectiveness as a weapon in the First World War. This gas was known to severely burn the lungs and other body tissues when inhaled; it is no less powerful when ingested by mouth. Each day, as we use unfiltered tap water, we are effectively pouring bleach into our water before we drink it. 

It is important to note here that drinking chlorinated the water is not the only way to get THMs into the body. The use of hot water for washing hands and bathing or showering causes THMs to vaporize so that they can be inhaled and then go directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. Showering with chlorinated water is probably the greatest exposure route. The disinfectant by products mentioned above occur with minute levels of organic molecules present in the water. 

There's no question that our public water supplies must be disinfected, but it's also clear that we need to remove these chemicals before we consume them in our homes. 


The bottom line with chlorine is that it kills germs, but it is a highly reactive chemical that generates potentially carcinogenic compounds in the water or in your body. It needs to be removed from the water before drinking it. Please contact us today about the best chlorine filters available to help reduce and remove it from your water.