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Hansen Hiflo Valves

The Hansen HiFlo valve range incorporates the Bowl, Trough, Tank, Reservoir, Ball, Foot & Check Valves. Manufactured to the same high quality and principals and standards as the rest of the Hansen range, these valves display exceptional flow characteristics and would be a welcome addition to any system looking to incorporate them.
$49.00 $36.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Check Valve  * Used in-line as a non return valve to stop fluids flowing back through your system *  High Performance, Cost Effective Check Valve...

$39.00 $33.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Full Flow Blue Handle Ball Valve

$39.00 $33.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Full Flow (Lilac) Handle Ball Valve

$49.00 $43.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Full Flow (Blue) Handle Male/Female  Ball Valve

$29.95 $25.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Fast Flo Compact Trough/Tank Valve

$39.00 $32.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Super Flo Trough Valve

$199.00 $170.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Leveller Valve

$169.00 $140.00 (Including GST)
Hansen Rapid Flo Valve- Rain Relief Tank Valve