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Hansen Fast Fit Tapping Saddles

Available for Low Density, Medium Density and Rural B applications, the range of Hansen Fast Fit Tapping Saddles will revolutionise the way you tee off the main pipeline. They have a number of features that make them the saddle of choice such as a Custom Seal that is visible from the outside so you know instantly that the seal is in place, a Pilot Hole for easy installation, a Hinge which also stays connected for fast easy one piece installation and opens past 180° degrees for tight spots, a Spigot to help locate and secure it onto the pipe and best of all only one Stainless Steel M8 bolt which is fixed to the body to avoid lost parts with the same size bolt used on the entire range which means only one tool is required. Put all of this together and you have the solution for a fast, no hassle installation.